Monday, September 26, 2011

Nanay Conchita's Life Story of a Farmer

Farming has run through Nanay Conchita Andrade’s family for years. Like her, her husband and 3 children are also into farming.

She is 60 years old and has been farming since she can remember in their farm in Tuburan. They transferred in Consolacion 5 years ago but they still farm a piece of land. She grows cassava, alugbati (Malabar night shade), eggplants and okra. She joined the training program to be able to learn how to plant variety of fruits and vegetable and to learn something new.

For her basically, the major challenges in farming are the type of soil and weather.  Not all soils are appropriate for farming and others have to be prepared well and should be treated with fertilizers for the plant to last. Weather can also affect the seeds because they can’t grow their roots if there is too much rain.

Nanay Conchita loves farming. She said that she cannot be still and her head would ache if she can’t farm.  

Aside for the fact that farming is the primary source of their family’s income, she considered it her life. She believed in its power. She said that farming provides us all our sustenance.

Nanay Conchita is a beneficiary of the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Farmer Empowerment Program in Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

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written by Lorbe Catadman 

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