Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Manong Florentino's Life Story of a Farmer

Here is another story of a farmer who has been farming since he was 7 years old. 

He is Manong Florentino Cosido, 71 years old, has 8 children and is already widowed. 

Like majority of our farmers he also has been a successor of his family’s traditional work.  He shared that when he was young they were already trained to work in the fields.

Surprisingly, now, no one from Manong Florentino’s children followed his footsteps, but sadly for Manong who wished for a successor.

Manong seeks enjoyment in farming especially that he lives alone now and visited by his children from time to time. It would make him truly happy if he can grow something that is why he never stopped farming.

To learn more, to update his knowledge about farming was his reason why he joined the training.
He specified that the earth is the most important factor in growing crops.

He laid eyes on the earth and farming at a very early age, he dedicates his life to it.

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written by Lorbe Catadman

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