Wednesday, February 1, 2012

iluvfarmers Social Marketing Report presented at the Best of Young Minds Conference and Graduation

Here is the Social Marketing Report that details the feat of the advocacy campaign of the Team 4 Team CPMPC of YMA Season 5 as they defend their fund raising and social awareness efforts for the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Program of Consolacion.

Their program is being implemented through the iluvfarmers Campaign brand spearheaded by the YMA Scholars: Jaysee Pingkian, Lorbe Catadman, Rhecel Solon, Irish Nunez and Babykit Marie Nunez.

They faced a panel of judges at the recently concluded Best of YMA Conference and Graduation held at the Casino Espanol, Cebu City. Iluvfarmers Social Marketing Report3 The scholars in action...

In behalf of Team CPMPC, thank you so much for your continuing support for the campaign! There is a long way to go as long as we have farmers whose lives need to be alleviated from the unending chains of poverty! Go YMAers! Go Farmer Heroes!

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